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I want to dedicate my first blog to my friends, because without you, I would never have dared put my art into the public eye.

Last year, during a bout of chronic back issues I picked up a paintbrush and finished a little painting I’d begun twenty years earlier while living in Edinburgh. With much trepidation I posted it on facebook. I was overwhelmed with the outpouring of enthusiasm and positive reaction, with friends wanting to buy it. However, I quickly thought I needed to do another painting to somehow try and prove myself and develop my own style. Could I get more rave review feedback?! Well, the positive comments have just kept coming. Each time I’ve tried something new, from girls with chickens, to cats and guitars, my friends have continued to encourage me to keep painting.

So thank you thank you! And the most humbling thing is, amongst my friendship pool, I have a number of amazing and authentic friends who are ARTISTS! Many thanks to all of you who have encouraged me and given me positive feedback. It has made me realise many true artists are so humble.

I intend this blog to be mostly about my painting exploits and my country life here in our little corner of paradise. Although, heading into winter our idyllic valley farm is soon to descend into the chilly land behind the valley walls. Bring out the woollies and the gumboots. The cats and horses are fast growing their fur coats, while the hens on the other hand have descended into their seasonal moult, looking more like size 18 Sunday roast plucked chickens, with the henhouse floor like an exploded duvet inner. Surely this is a flaw of nature to go bare bummed into Autumn, poor lovely ladies?

Well! Have I written a blog post? Is this what a blog looks like? I haven’t got a clue, but meanwhile I’m back to my painting table and my latest little work entitled Autumn harvest. Watch out for updates on my facebook art page!

And thank you again my lovely friends for encouraging and inspiring me to share my colourful, quirky paintings.

Love, Kate


Autumn on the farm

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