About Kate Cowan

From an early age I either had a pencil or a paintbrush in my hands.  Throughout my childhood and young adult years I was either painting or writing long unpublished “novels.”  I grew up in an artistic and literary household, with a father who was a talented painter, and our country home was filled with art, music and literature.


I am a self-taught artist, and after years of focusing on a career in broadcasting, and raising my family, I have come back to painting.  Living on our beautiful family farm in a picturesque valley just outside Nelson, NZ, I am surrounded by my painting inspirations.  I love to capture my daily life and the animals that make up our lifestyle block dream property.


We have 42 acres, with many horses, too many beautiful chickens, cows, comical alpacas, character pet goats and sheep. There is also a trio of purring, affectionate cats who have found their way into many of my art works.  I often have to brush my large furry black boy off my painting table to get to work.


My passion and ideal is to paint for the pure enjoyment that it brings, and to share my paintings in the form of high quality art prints with others who gain pleasure from my vibrant and quirky country images.


Sending love from the Farmyard!


Kate Cowan

Tel: +64 (0)3 545 2994 | 022 369 7142

Email: kate@katecowanart.co.nz

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